The Innovation General Directorate of the Regional Ministry of Energy Transition and Productive Sectors, through the Bit Foundation, launches a new digitalisation service with the aim of improving the Balearic Islands SMES competitiveness and efficiency.

According to the latest report by the Observatory of the Information Society (OBSI), significant gaps in digitalisation still remain active mainly in the micro-SMEs (fewer than 10 workers) in our region. In the Balearic Islands, these companies exhibit

indicators below the national average regarding integrating basic tools such as: a computer, an Internet connection or even a website (available only in 20.8% of them) .

In addition, as a result of Covid-19, it is patently clear that providing with digitalisation resources this segment of smaller companies is a must since these businesses are mainly suffering this lack. Thereby it becomes particularly important for their survival, since capacity and mobility restrictions, as well as social distance requirements, are speeding up the online sales deployment, and having presence in social networks becomes patent for many other issues.

Thus, digitalisation services will be provided on two essential action levels: on the one hand, basic services, including general actions aiming to digitalise and improve SMES competitiveness through dissemination, training and raising awareness actions. And, on the other hand, advanced services, which include customized services for businesses covering from the need analysis stage to the closing of the Action Plan.

All companies needing any further details about these services and actions, do not hesitate to contact the Bit Foundation through the following e-mail: