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Sectors: Tourism and Agriculture


DIHBAI-TUR is the Hub of the Balearic Islands that is committed to two large sectors, tourism and agriculture.

The Balearic Islands archipelago located in the Mediterranean has become in recent years one of the most popular tourist destinations for travelers from all over Europe and increasingly for tourists from outside the continent. Although initially it was the preferred destination of Germans, recent years have shown that the Balearic Islands are the target for tourists from the most diverse countries, having great acceptance even among the American market.

The Mediterranean climate, its impressive beaches and rich gastronomy make the region a perfect vacation spot. However, the initial star offer of sun and beach tourism is giving way to other types of tourism such as senior tourism, sports tourism (cycle tourism, golf, sailing, horse riding…), rural tourism, health tourism, among others. which only attract more and more people and contribute to deseasonalizing the arrival of tourists.

Tourism is a fickle and sensitive sector that is affected by numerous local, national and international circumstances. During these last years it has also proven to be a highly resilient sector, after facing a pandemic that brought with it high economic losses and the uncertainty and rise in prices caused by the war in Ukraine, data and reality demonstrate once again that the Balearic Islands Far from losing momentum as a preferred destination for tourists, they have gained it and the Balearic Islands top all statistics in terms of the arrival of international visitors to Spain.

The Balearic Islands have an area of 4,982 km2, spread over four islands, of which 42% of the area is agricultural, which means 208,800 hectares of permanent crops and arable land. This translates into the fact that more than 70% of the surface of the Islands is managed by people who carry out some type of direct agricultural, livestock and forestry activity, or complementary activities linked to the primary activity.

In the Balearic Islands more than 85% of the farms are part of a cooperative, which markets their productions and supplies them with the supplies they need to carry out their production process. Cooperatives play a great role in contributing to rural development, generating employment, and offering a large part of the products we consume.

Although the agricultural sector has a small specific weight in terms of its contribution to the GDP, it contributes widely to sustainability, taking care of the territory, conserving and maintaining it. Their contribution goes beyond economic figures, even supporting the tourism sector. Images of the island’s own crops such as almond trees, olive trees and orange trees do not go unnoticed by visitors who stop to photograph them and seek to taste their fruits.