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What is DIH


What is DIH?

A Digital Innovation Hub or Digital Innovation Center in Spanish is a one-stop shop created to help companies and public sector organizations become more competitive and respond more and better to global digital challenges.

DIHs offer, on a non-profit basis, the information, services, and experimentation facilities that companies need to successfully address their digital transformation processes. They help companies improve their business/production processes, products or services in the following way:

> providing access to technical knowledge and testing, as well as the ability to test before to invest (test before invest)
> providing innovation services such as financial advice, training and development of capabilities that are fundamental to the success of digital transformation
> helping companies address environmental issues, particularly the use of the digital technologies for sustainability and circularity.

The European Commission, through the Digital Europe Program, has made several calls and selected projects with the aim of creating a network of European digital innovation centers (EDIH) that offer global and balanced geographical coverage throughout the European Union.

DIH thus combines the benefits of a regional presence with the opportunities available for a pan-European network. This regional presence makes it possible to provide the services that local companies need, relying on local language and innovation, while the European coverage of the network facilitates the exchange of good practices between centers in different countries, as well as the provision of specialized services in all regions. when the required competencies are not available locally.