• Digital Innovation Hub



General Presentation of the Digital Innovation Hub of the Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands Digital Innovation Hub is based on the strategic lines identified in the Balearic Islands’ RIS3 strategy. That is why the main sector will be tourism, but it adds agriculture as a strategic sector of the islands, thus acting as a tractor with the other sectors of the Balearic Islands. It seeks to be a one-stop shop that helps companies become more competitive thanks to the use of digital technologies in their business processes, production or services.

The IHL of the Balearic Islands focuses on Artificial Intelligence as a disruptive technology that will help in the digital transformation of Balearic companies, contributing to increasing their competitiveness and generating value, which will result in an improvement in the quality of life of citizens. Based on the technological infrastructure available in the territory (Balearic Islands) it provides access to the latest knowledge, experience and technology, so that local companies experiment with digital innovations, providing commercial and financial support to implement these innovations, if necessary, throughout the value chain.

Since proximity is considered crucial, DIHBAI-TUR acts as the first regional point of contact, as a gateway, strengthening the innovation ecosystem through multi-entity cooperation (including organizations such as Research Centers, Universities, business associations, chambers of commerce, incubators/accelerators, regional development agencies and even administrations) and the development of strong links with service providers outside the region so that companies have access to the largest possible catalog of services.