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Technical and economic advice and Test before Investment

Creation of information material and dissemination activities, specific workshops on digital transformation and DIHBAI-TUR services, company visits, demonstration areas to show digitally enhanced environments and real applications.

Using structured tools such as IMP³rove Digital Innovation Quotient, JRC’s Innovation Radar (IR) and Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA). DIHBAI-TUR experts will help clients measure their digital maturity by assessing the following dimensions: digital business strategy, digital readiness, human-centered digitalization, data management, automation and AI.

Identification of digital maturity, SWOT analysis and market trends, digital transformation roadmap, innovation management.

SMEs and public sector entities will have the opportunity to demonstrate the idea behind a new product, service or process in a laboratory. DIHBAI-TUR experts will assess the validity and feasibility of the new concept and provide additional support, for example on technical specifications, necessary infrastructure, implementation and regulatory environment.

DIHBAI-TUR will help clients integrate digital technologies by advising them on the availability and use of the necessary tools and methods, as well as on the development of software, processes/tools. A set of co-development opportunities is proposed to facilitate future collaboration..

DIHBAI-TUR partners have unique expertise in AI, cybersecurity, as well as IoT (e.g. PLOUTOS deployment) or Data (e.g. Data4Food projects, DATES) and relevant infrastructure that can be used for applications niche support for the tourism and agriculture sectors. It is not easy to find them available on the market. Through DIHBAI-TUR, SMEs and the public sector will have access to infrastructure and expertise to test and experiment, to acquire new knowledge or design new products, services and processes.

Network of research and innovation centers with which DIHBAI-TUR collaborates, and which through specific agreements , Collaboration with the business world is facilitated:


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